DSAT Tec 45

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DSAT Tec 45

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  • Age 18
  • Age 18
  • DSAT Tec40 (or qualifying certification)
  • PADI Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification)
  • Emergency First Response or current CPR/First aid (within 24 months)
  • 50 logged dives
  • 12 dives on EANx deeper than 18m/60ft
  • 6 dives deeper than 30m/100ft

Why DSAT Tec 45?

The DSAT Tec45 course is the next step to advance your Tec training after the DSAT Tec40 course. In this course you will start diving beyond recreational depth and time limits as well as using a decompression cylinder with 100% O2 for accelerated decompression. If you did your DSAT Tec40 training in a single tank configuration, DSAT Tec45 will also introduce you to the use of multiple tanks.

What do I need to start?

You need to be 18 years of age or older, PADI Rescue Diver certified (or an equivalent certification from another organization), EFR trained (within the last 24 months), and have completed DSAT Tec40 (or an equivalent certification from another organization). You will also need proof of 50 logged dives, 6 of which should be to 30m/100ft or deeper, and 12 dives on EANx to at least 18m/60ft.


What will I do?


Dive 1 is conducted at a shallow open water dive site. If it has been a while since your last Tec dive this will refresh your Tec skills in a safe and controlled environment. If you are coming straight from the Tec40 course or you have recently executed Tec dive, it is still important to carry out the dive at a shallow depth due to the complexity of the new skills being introduced - especially those skills relating to buoyancy issues. This will be a long dive, meaning that shallow depths are required to ensure adequate gas supply.

Dive 2 will get you more familiar with the skills from Dive 1 at a greater depth. During this dive we will start to test you with 'problem scenarios', not only to ensure your continued mastery of the motor skills you have learned previously, but also to test that your decision-making reactions are the correct and quick enough. Most of these surprises will consist of simulated equipment failures.

Dive 3
further increases the depth and the complexity of the problem scenarios, with the added challenge of gas narcosis. At this point, we want to see you continue making the right decisions, staying aware, and responding promptly when problems arise. By the end of this dive you should also have a very accurate idea of your surface air consumption (SAC) rate for the working part of the dive and during decompression.

Dive 4 for will take you deeper than you have ever gone before! Using a single stage cylinder of EANx or O2, we will dive to 45m/145ft, with a full decompression schedule. This dive is usually made at the point of the island, where we will explore a deep ledge that is well known for hammerhead sightings.

¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda?


The course generally takes 4 days.

What do I earn?


You will be certified as a DSAT Tec 45 Diver, which allows you to use decompression software and dive computers to plan and execute decompression dives to a maximum depth of 45 meters/145 feet, and use a single cylinder of decompression gas up to 100% O2 to accelerate decompression.


Where can I go from here?


DSAT Tec 50 and beyond! In the course, you will learn new skills, expand on your decompression options and continue to explore our unique deep walls where few divers have had the opportunity to venture. Contact us to arrange your training today!

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