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Exploration and Adventure

For us, adventure and exploration are fundamental parts of diving. Discovering new sites, exploring new depths, discovering new marine life, and trying new equipment. This pursuit has taken us much further than we ever dreamed and has brought us together as a family in a project full of adventure and unexpected encounters. 

Since our beginnings more than 30 years ago, we have always believed in the power of education to transform lives, protect the environment, and gain access to new diving environments. That's why we are a PADI 5-star Instructor Development Center. Come and catch the passion for adventure.


Blue Life Dive Center is a dive center with over 30 years of experience in various recreational and professional diving activities in San Andres. As a family-owned business, our customers are treated like family. Our main objective is to provide safe and fun diving experiences and courses. To achieve this, we have a highly qualified team with the necessary experience and training required by regulatory bodies (PADI), accompanied by the best equipment and accessories for diving.


More than just a dive center, Blue Life Dive Center aims to be recognized as a leader in the diving industry in Colombia. We strive to stand out for our commitment to diver safety and the reliability of our equipment and accessories, as well as for our highly qualified and friendly staff that provides personalized attention to each customer. We make every effort to make each diving experience exciting, educational, and memorable for our clients.


More than 30 years of diving experience.


Safe and responsible diving.


We love the underwater world.

Expert team

PADI 5 star instructors.

What can we see?

San Andres Island reef offers some of the best coral, creature and fish variety in the Caribbean. On any given dive, you are likely to see an abundance of reef fish: parrotfish (juvenile and adult), damselfish, butterfly fish, angel fish and many others are present on almost every dive site. Grouper and snapper are healthy, and you may see large schools of blue tang and creole wrasse. If you do a few dives with us, you are also likely to encounter at least one hawksbill or green turtle. There are occasional sightings of eagle rays, nurse sharks and hammerhead sharks 

(Keep your eyes wide open in the blue!) On the dives themselves, we tend to point out creatures and "unusually shaped fish" such as spotted drum, filefish, trunkfish, trumpet fish, eels and rays. As far as creatures (non-fish), we also regularly see lobster and conch thanks to the anti-poaching efforts of the Roatan Marine Park. There is also a very interesting macro life, with many shrimp, crabs, blennies, gobies, nudibranchs and worms. Night dives also offer a different set, with all the crustaceans out in the open, octopus, squid, and even bioluminescence!
Our experienced instructors are highly knowledgeable about the reef inhabitants and fish behaviors, with a wealth of different areas of knowledge and interest. Sit down with us, consult the fish book and we will help you identify what you saw on your dives. Even after thousands of dives, we are still just as excited to see our reef inhabitants, and even perhaps finding something new!

What our clients say

Testimonials of unforgettable underwater adventures

Lucas Diver

"Incredible experience! I did my Open Water course here and it was the best weekend of my life. The team at Blue Life Dive Center is exceptional, always making sure we felt comfortable and safe underwater. I would definitely recommend this dive center to anyone looking for a unique and exciting underwater adventure."

Henry Diver

"After years of diving in different places around the world, I can say without a doubt that Blue Life Dive Center is the best dive center I've been to. From the quality of the equipment to the experience of the instructors, everything is exceptional. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a truly unforgettable diving experience."

Jackson Diver

"I did my Advanced Open Water course here and it was an amazing experience. The instructors are very patient and made sure we were comfortable and safe at all times. They also took us to some of the most stunning dive sites I've ever seen. If you're looking for a professional and fun diving center, this is the place for you!"

Lia Diver

"Incredible experience with Blue Life Dive Center. I took a rescue course and it was challenging, but the Blue Life team helped me overcome my fears and guided me every step of the way. Now I feel more confident and prepared for any situation in the water. Thank you, Blue Life, for giving me the confidence I needed to become a safer and more aware diver."

Andres Diver

"This dive center is a hidden gem in San Andres. I did my nitrox course here and couldn't be happier. The instructors are experts at what they do and highly skilled. In addition, the equipment is top-notch. I can't wait to go diving with them again."

Carl Diver

"My daughter and I took our diving course together at Blue Life Dive Center and it was a unique and amazing experience. The instructors guided us every step of the way and made sure we had fun and were safe. It's an experience we will never forget and we are looking forward to diving together again. Thank you Blue Life for an incredible time underwater!"

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