Coral reef guardian

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Coral reef guardian

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  • Edad 15
  • PADI Open Water Diver (or other qualifying certification)
Why PADI Reef Guardian Diver Specialty?

This course helps you appreciate the complexity of coral reef habitats and teaches how you can help conserve these vital systems. We need your help to help on the several different coral nurseries in San Andres island.

Through classroom discussions, you learn:

Coral reefs function and the complex nature of life on a reef.
Why coral reefs are so important.
Why are many coral reefs in serious trouble?
What you can do to prevent further decline.
How the PADI AWARE Foundation unites divers and water enthusiasts to make a difference.
Understand the importance of San Andres Sea Flower reserve..
What do I need to start?

You need to be at least 15 years old, and PADI Open Water certified (or equivalent certification from another organization). It is also recommended that you are PADI with a peak performance specialty certification.

¿Qué haré?

On this course you will : learn the importance of coral reefs in the San Andres island area, you also will get involved in a coral restoration effort in two different coral nurseries on the island and, with the assistance of a marine biologist team, outplant a coral colony.


¿Cuánto tiempo tardará?

Plan for around 3 days for the knowledge development and the four dives.


What do I earn at the end?

You will be certified as a PADI Coral reef ´protector and also be a part of our team to help coral nurseries and restoration efforts.


Where can I go from here?

Get involved and plan a vacation to volunteer with Blue Indigo foundation to help on their several coral restoration efforts. There is a lot of help needed.

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